How We Think About Security

Our group of companies provide an incredible service for our customers, we work in a special space for them, helping them create something unique; a snapshot of a time and a place perhaps, the capturing of a memory, the gift that shows someone else how much they care for them. They trust us to be there for them and to protect those magical and intimate moments, it’s something we are proud to take very seriously.

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We need your help

How can you help with the Group Security recruitment process? Group Security is currently recruiting for a number of new senior positions as well as short-term contractors. We really need your help; the best candidate could be someone you already know, who you feel will be an amazing fit for the role, for our culture, and for the work we’re trying to do in Photobox Group Security. We’re asking you to reach out to your social network, either in person, by retweeting or via a blog post with this information.

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Why challenges?

How does it work? The flow is simple and, if you want it to be, fast. Apply for the post and complete the challenges that we set you. Impress us with those and we will invite you to an OWASP working session, where we get to meet you face to face. If we work well together you will be invited to a formal interview. Why challenges? Why are we asking applicants to take up the various challenges and provide all this extra information before we even meet?

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Why join Photobox Group Security?

The Photobox Group represents a fantastic opportunity for security professionals who want to make a difference and want to take their ideas to the next level. The security team within Photobox Group is in a really privileged position. We have support from all levels of the organisation: Board CTO Brand owners Even the developers and technologists on the ground Everyone within the group understands that security is important, and that we have to get it right.

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Summary of The International Comparative Guide: Cybersecurity 2018

A Summary of three articles in The International Comparative Legal Guide: Cybersecurity 2018, and their relevance to Photobox Group Security The general thrust of the articles in the guide seems to endorse the approach of the Photobox Group to Security, particularly the following practices: Assessing the fluid, evolving nature of cybersecurity Understanding the importance of openness and sharing information to develop and adopt best practice Acknowledging that good security is about risk management spanning technology, people, and processes In particular, the article, ‘Enemy at the Gates’, considers the elements essential to a good 3rd party agreement.

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Warren & Brandeis – The Right to Curate an Identity

Warren & Brandeis: The Right to Curate an Identity Mrs Warren’s Profession No, not THAT Mrs Warren. Our Mrs Warren was a hostess and the problem started with what Mr Warren perceived as unwelcome and intrusive reportage on his wife’s “at Homes” and his daughter’s wedding. The sensational and salacious coverage outraged Warren and he consulted Brandeis on the matter of privacy and the law. The resulting article is one of the most cited legal articles ever.

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About us

Photobox Group is Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts and parent of the Photobox, Moonpig, Hofmann and posterXXL brands.

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