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By Dinis Cruz | December 11, 2017

How can you help with the Group Security recruitment process?

Group Security is currently recruiting for a number of new senior positions as well as short-term contractors. We really need your help; the best candidate could be someone you already know, who you feel will be an amazing fit for the role, for our culture, and for the work we’re trying to do in Photobox Group Security.

We’re asking you to reach out to your social network, either in person, by retweeting or via a blog post with this information. Refer them to our website which contains all the information about the positions we are recruiting for.

This is a great opportunity to bring outstanding talent to Photobox Group, from right across Europe. One of our key objectives is to recruit across the various Photobox Group companies (Photobox, Moonpig, Hofmann, PosterXXL), so our team will not only be based in the UK, but in the three main countries Photobox Group operates in, namely France, Germany, and Spain.

Please review the job specs to see if you know or are connected to a potential candidate who will be a great fit for the team.

Contact the security team for help, or with any ideas you might have about the recruitment process.

We are planning a number of challenges for the candidates to do; have a look, you might be interested in them yourself!

This process is a journey. We hope to build a strong pipeline of candidates who will be a brilliant fit for our culture and its challenges. We view this as a long-term process that will allow amazing synergies to occur for the benefit of our team and the wider Photobox Group.

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