Why challenges?

By Dinis Cruz | December 11, 2017

Why challenges?

Why are we asking the applicants to take up the various challenges we’ve devised and provide all this extra information before we even meet them?

Our challenges will highlight the opportunities and advantages of working with Photobox Security Group. They should represent what we do on a daily basis, and give you a feel for the job you will do. We want to avoid the horror stories from other corporations, who use irrelevant challenges that focus on knotty intellectual, problem-solving capabilities that are worlds away from the realities of the job being advertised.

CVs aren’t always a good reflection of a person’s capabilities. They can be exaggerated, they don’t always show a person’s true potential and can make it hard for recruiters to make a fair assessment. We view these challenges as a fair way for you to demonstrate your skills and experience.

Interviews should give the opportunity to discuss a project of which everyone has some experience. This is where the challenges come in: when candidates excel at particular challenges, at interview stage we then have something tangible to discuss; your thoughts and reactions to the challenges.

Show us how you shine

The challenges will allow you to shine. Some candidates will react very quickly under pressure, where others will want time to reflect and do some research. We aren’t necessarily looking for someone who has all the answers straight away, but for someone who is driven to find the answers. If you need more time, even a couple of days, as long as the quality of your output is really good, you’re the person we’re looking for.

Have fun

The challenges should be fun; you should enjoy them, as well as learn from them. Even if you don’t make it to the end of the selection process, hopefully the challenges will allow you to explore the gaps in your skill set and show you why this job may not be the right one for you at this moment in time.

How do we manage the challenge of the challenges?

This process allows us to learn what other people have done and how our own recruitment process can improve. In Photobox Group Security we believe in openness, and this open discussion of our recruitment process is an example of that culture in action.