Why join Photobox Group Security?

By Dinis Cruz | December 11, 2017

The Photobox Group represents a really good opportunity for security professionals who want to make a difference and want to take their ideas to the next level. The security team within Photobox Group is in a really privileged position. We have support from all levels of the organisation:

  • Board
  • CTO
  • Brand owners
  • Even the developers and technologists on the ground

Everyone, within the group, understands security is important and we have to get it right. With great security actvities underway, there is an opportunity to take them to the next level.

What attracted me to work for Photobox Group was its environment, the ability to scale security and make a difference. To deliver the mission statement of Group Security, and ‘secure our customers’ magic moments’. That’s very rare. Although there is a lot of investment in AppSec and InfoSec at the moment; these areas are definitely on the map. There aren’t too many companies where you’ll find the same opportunities as the Photobox Group.

The fact that we’re recruiting for these new positions shows the company’s ambition, and forward-looking approach. Not only does the Photobox Group want to protect what we’re doing now, but we want to invest in, and protect the pipeline all the way up to 2020, and beyond. The range of innovation at Photobox Group and its brands Photobox, Moonpig, Hofmann, and PosterXXL will expand exponentially in the coming years and the job of Group Security is to protect ALL of it. If you think it’s challenging to protect what we have now, imagine when we move to AI-driven decisions, developers pushing code tens of thousands of times a day, huge networks of outsourcers and partners… a completely distributed working environment. This is the world that we’re heading towards.

I tell people Photobox Group feels like home and it really does! Some candidates may be earning more at the tech giants such as Facebook or Google, but money isn’t everything and they certainly don’t get some of the things that are great here. You might be working in a very successful organisation, but the chances are you are a relatively small cog in a very big machine, so your ability to influence and make a difference is limited. What is different about the Photobox Group is the ability to make a change, not just nudge the needle a little, but real, meaningful changes. I feel excited to go to work every day and truly care about the company, its products, and its success.

I have an undenyable passion for the work I do with the amazing individuals in my team and believe in a professional organisation that can deliver repeatable, high quality results, and that’s what Group Security delivers. I don’t expect the team to be Duracell bunnies, accelerating at maximum speed. The balance and effectiveness of the team lies within its multi-cultural, multi-experienced, and multi-personality composition.

We don’t face limitations, it’s all about delivering ideas. My job as CISO is to make everyone on my team more productive, to solve problems so they can fulfil their potential, realise their ideas and execute them to the best of our ability. I tell everyone on the team that I expect them to be on a very steep learning curve, everyone should be learning all the time. We need to make sure we have a high ability to embrace new ideas.

In Group Security we have different parts to play, sometimes we use a hospital analogy to identify those parts: A&E, triage, diagnostics, surgery, even mortuary services!

Fundamentally, why should you join our team? Get in touch if you feel like you’re one of us! A rebel, who wants to do things differently. You have great ideas and you want a workplace where your ideas can come to life.

Dinis Cruz, CISO, Photobox Group