Recruitment Challenges

Please see below the links to the challenges that we have created for the different roles (we are adding more every day, so if the role you want to apply for is not there, keep an eye on this page).

See the Why Challenges? blog post for more thoughts on the concept of challenges.

See this page for All Challenges with skills information.

All Challenges (mapped by Area)

behaviours x3
Title Difficulty key
Business Sense
hard BE-BS BE-BS
medium BE-FL BE-FL
medium BE-TE BE-TE
compliance x6
Title Difficulty key
Assisting a DPO
hard CO-AD CO-AD
Boardroom Reporting and Dashboards
medium CO-BR CO-BR
Compliance Policy
hard CO-CP CO-CP
GDPR Action Plan
medium CO-GP CO-GP
PII Data Breach
medium CO-PI CO-PI
Working as a DPO
hard CO-DP CO-DP
management x6
Title Difficulty key
Business Strategies
hard MA-BS MA-BS
Challenge of Recruiting
hard MA-CR MA-CR
Deliver Results Through Teamwork
expert MA-DR MA-DR
Develop and Attract Talent
hard MA-TA MA-TA
Improve on OWASP summit outcomes
hard MA-OO MA-OO
Role Model
expert MA-RM MA-RM
programming x5
Title Difficulty key
EC2 with Vulnerable Site
medium PR-VS PR-VS
Experience with Perl
medium PR-EP PR-EP
Graph-Based Schema
hard PR-GS PR-GS
Lambda - Stop EC2 Instances
hard PR-LE PR-LE
Programming Experience
medium PR-PE PR-PE
research x9
Title Difficulty key
Book Review
medium RE-PB RE-PB
medium RE-FT RE-FT
Industry Awards
expert RE-IA RE-IA
Inspirational Leaders
hard RE-TL RE-TL
Inspirational Security
medium RE-IS RE-IS
Interesting Research
medium RE-IR RE-IR
Open Source vs Proprietary Software
medium RE-OS RE-OS
Presentation or Blog
medium RE-PB RE-PB
Training - Creation and Delivery
medium RE-TR RE-TR
risk x7
Title Difficulty key
Acceptable Use Policy
medium RI-AU RI-AU
Gap Analysis
hard RI-GA RI-GA
JIRA Workflows
expert RI-JW RI-JW
Risk Assessment
hard RI-RA RI-RA
Risk Frameworks
hard RI-RF RI-RF
Risk Management and Acceptance
hard RI-RM RI-RM
Transformation Programmes
medium RI-TP RI-TP
security x5
Title Difficulty key
Avatao for photobox
expert SE-AB SE-AB
Bug Bounties
expert SE-BB SE-BB
Security Threats
expert SE-ST SE-ST
Testing Vulnerabilities
hard SE-TV SE-TV
Vulnerabilities Discovered
medium SE-VD SE-VD
setup x6
Title Difficulty key
Accounts Setup
medium ST-AS ST-AS
Pull Request
medium ST-PR ST-PR
Site Changes
medium ST-AS ST-AS
Work with us in GitHub
medium ST-GJ ST-GJ
Write blog post
medium ST-AS ST-AS
Write blog post from transcription
medium ST-BP ST-BP
standards x4
Title Difficulty key
hard ST-CC ST-CC
ISO Standards
expert ST-TA ST-TA
medium ST-PD ST-PD
Standards Advisor
expert ST-SA ST-SA
technical x24
Title Difficulty key
AWS Root Key
expert TE-AW TE-AW
Authentication and Authorisation
medium TE-AB TE-AB
Automated Build Tools
expert TE-AB TE-AB
Botnet Attack
hard TE-BA TE-BA
medium TE-DD TE-DD
medium TE-CO TE-CO
Continuous Integration
medium TE-CI TE-CI
Darktrace Alert
hard TE-DA TE-DA
medium TE-DB TE-DB
Database Design
medium TE-DD TE-DD
medium TE-DS TE-DS
medium TE-DE TE-DE
DevOps Need Support
medium TE-DO TE-DO
Development Tools
medium TE-DT TE-DT
Image Download
medium TE-ID TE-ID
Log Analysis
expert TE-LA TE-LA
Malicious Communication
hard TE-MC TE-MC
medium TE-PR TE-PR
Risk Dashboard
hard TE-RD TE-RD
Secure Internal Network
medium TE-SN TE-SN
Secure Webserver
medium TE-WS TE-WS
Technical Knowledge
medium TE-TK TE-TK
VLAN Misconfiguration Identified
hard TE-VM TE-VM
Vulnerability in MacOS Detected
medium TE-VD TE-VD