Experience with Perl

How much Perl programming experience do you have? Has it been mainly with “legacy” code or modern methods? Tell us about your preferences and your expertise, and provide examples.

  • What was your first programming language and when did you start coding in Perl? CGI? LAMP? Bash?
  • Is Perl your favorite language and why? What is Perl good for, and in what situations would you use a different language?
  • For server utility scripts, when is Perl preferable to Bash scripts? (provide an example)
  • For larger applications, when would you recommend use of Mojolicious, Catalyst, DBIx::Class, or other modern Perl libraries?
  • Explain $/, $|, @{$AR}[-1], @u = grep { ! $s{$_} ++ } @array;
  • How do you ensure good, clean, object-oriented Perl? Do you trust its inheritance implementation? Why/why not?

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