Work with us in GitHub

In order to respond to the challenges in a scalable and collaborative way, we ask candidates to use a Hugo website, which is already set up for you.

  1. clone the repo
    • if you are happy for your answers to be publicly available, you can just fork it
    • note that GitHub charges for private repos, but BitBucket doesn’t
  2. set-up dev/test environment (optional, but this helps when writing content or modifying the template)
    • if you are running locally, set up Go and Hugo to run the build (either on your host or using docker).
    • if you are running from GitHub, in your repo settings, set the master brach to host the GitHub pages site
  3. add your answers as an entry to _posts folder (see examples)
  4. push your changes to your repo
  5. send us an email to with a link to your repo
  6. we will reply with more details and a link to a Slack channel

Note that, depending on your CV, and how you rate against other candidates, we may ask you to submit a couple more challenges

Important: Don’t wait until you have all the answers to ping us (step #5). Part of the evaluation is to see how your work evolves and how we collaborate together.

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