Challenges table

All Challenges (by Area)

title key difficulty skills
Assisting a DPO
CO-AD CO-AD hard Collaboration, Compliance Knowledge, Data Protection
Boardroom Reporting and Dashboards
CO-BR CO-BR medium Adaptability, Visualisation, Tailoring Information
Compliance Policy
CO-CP CO-CP hard Policy Writing, Compliance,
GDPR Action Plan
CO-GP CO-GP medium Planning, Data Protection, GDPR
PII Data Breach
CO-PI CO-PI medium Situational Awareness, Data Protection, GDPR
Working as a DPO
CO-DP CO-DP hard Data Protection, Compliance, Regulation Awareness
title key difficulty skills
Business Strategies
MA-BS MA-BS hard Strategic Thinking, Planning, Situational Awareness
Challenge of Recruiting
MA-CR MA-CR hard Leadership, Team Building, Team Growth
Deliver Results Through Teamwork
MA-DR MA-DR expert Leadership, Mentoring, Prioritisation
Develop and Attract Talent
MA-TA MA-TA hard Leadership, Radical Candor, Feedback
Improve on OWASP summit outcomes
MA-OO MA-OO hard Analysis, Debate, Mindset
Role Model
MA-RM MA-RM expert Leadership, Mentoring, Mindset
title key difficulty skills
EC2 with Vulnerable Site
PR-VS PR-VS medium AWS, Scripting, Programming
Experience with Perl
PR-EP PR-EP medium Perl Programming Quirks, Coding theory and methods, Development
Graph-Based Schema
PR-GS PR-GS hard Graph Database, Logic, Coding
Lambda - Stop EC2 Instances
PR-LE PR-LE hard AWS, Logs, Programming, Analysis
Programming Experience
PR-PE PR-PE medium Programming, Coding, Development, AI
title key difficulty skills
Book Review
RE-PB RE-PB medium Research, Analysis, Diplomacy
RE-FT RE-FT medium Experience, Credibility, Track Record
Industry Awards
RE-IA RE-IA expert Industry Recognition, Reputation, Leader
Inspirational Leaders
RE-TL RE-TL hard Industry Knowledge, Aspirations, Passion
Inspirational Security
RE-IS RE-IS medium Industry Knowledge, Passion, Aspirations
Interesting Research
RE-IR RE-IR medium Research, Passion, Growth
Open Source vs Proprietary Software
RE-OS RE-OS medium Debate, Logical Thinking, Influencing
Presentation or Blog
RE-PB RE-PB medium Research, Written Ability, Thirst for Knowledge
Training - Creation and Delivery
RE-TR RE-TR medium Planning, Influencing, Knowledge Sharing
title key difficulty skills
Acceptable Use Policy
RI-AU RI-AU medium Writing Policies, Risk Knowledge, Understanding
Gap Analysis
RI-GA RI-GA hard Situational Awareness, Gap Analysis, Systems and Tools
JIRA Workflows
RI-JW RI-JW expert Workflows, Processes, Critical Analysis
Risk Assessment
RI-RA RI-RA hard System/Tool Aware, Planning, Risk Assessment
Risk Frameworks
RI-RF RI-RF hard Risk Management, Standards and Policy Creation
Risk Management and Acceptance
RI-RM RI-RM hard Situational Awareness, Risk Management, JIRA
Transformation Programmes
RI-TP RI-TP medium Business Transformation, Project Management, Planning
title key difficulty skills
Avatao for photobox
SE-AB SE-AB expert Security Research, Vulnerability Discovery, Outreach
Bug Bounties
SE-BB SE-BB expert Security Research, Vulnerability Discovery, Outreach
Security Threats
SE-ST SE-ST expert Security Awareness, Vulnerability Discovery, Threat Management
Testing Vulnerabilities
SE-TV SE-TV hard Security Research, Testing, Vulnerability Awareness
Vulnerabilities Discovered
SE-VD SE-VD medium Security Research, Discovery, Situational Awareness
title key difficulty skills
ST-CC ST-CC hard Threat Assessment, Compliance, Security
ISO Standards
ST-TA ST-TA expert Audits, Requirements, Compliance
ST-PD ST-PD medium PCI DSS, Compliance, Security
Standards Advisor
ST-SA ST-SA expert Recognition, Reputation, Trusted Leader
title key difficulty skills
AWS Root Key
TE-AW TE-AW expert AWS, Security, Data Protection
Authentication and Authorisation
TE-AB TE-AB medium Technical Knowledge, Authentication, Authorisation
Automated Build Tools
TE-AB TE-AB expert Automation, Technical Knowledge, Industry Knowledge
Botnet Attack
TE-BA TE-BA hard Situational Awareness, Security, Analysis
TE-DD TE-DD medium Coding, Development, Longevity
TE-CO TE-CO medium Quality, Technical Knowledge, Situational Awareness
Continuous Integration
TE-CI TE-CI medium Technical Knowledge, Automation, Continuous Integration
Darktrace Alert
TE-DA TE-DA hard Briefing, Analysis, Planning
TE-DB TE-DB medium Data Visualisation, ELK, Dashboards
Database Design
TE-DD TE-DD medium Database Design, Data Management, Productivity
TE-DS TE-DS medium Databases, Statements, Knowledge
TE-DE TE-DE medium Processes, Deployment, Technical Knowledge
DevOps Need Support
TE-DO TE-DO medium AWS, Architecture, Planning
Development Tools
TE-DT TE-DT medium Development, Technical Knowledge, Industry Knowledge
Image Download
TE-ID TE-ID medium Situational Awareness, Data Protection, GDPR
Log Analysis
TE-LA TE-LA expert Analysis, AWS, Vulnerability Understanding
Malicious Communication
TE-MC TE-MC hard Situational Awareness, Vulnerability Management, Containment
TE-PR TE-PR medium Utilities, Productivity, Efficiency
Risk Dashboard
TE-RD TE-RD hard Dashboard Creation, Communication, Understanding
Secure Internal Network
TE-SN TE-SN medium Networking, Architecture, Technical Understanding
Secure Webserver
TE-WS TE-WS medium Planning, Security, Vulnerability Management
Technical Knowledge
TE-TK TE-TK medium Technical Knowledge, Practical Usage
VLAN Misconfiguration Identified
TE-VM TE-VM hard Secure Architecture, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response
Vulnerability in MacOS Detected
TE-VD TE-VD medium Java, MacOS, Vulnerability Management