Head of Detect

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Permanent London, Paris, Valencia or Munich here
The Role

As the Head of Detect you will support the Group Security function in incident response activities, provide situational awareness, be responsible for leading initiatives associated with incident response findings, and provide guidance and coordination for incident response efforts including triage, evaluation, coordination, and executive reporting.

You must have a strong understanding of security operations, vulnerability management, and incident remediation within a complex global organisation.

What will you do?
  • Provide leadership, solution innovation, product sourcing, and vendor relationship management to deliver situational awareness
  • Lead the effort to identify, source, and integrate threat intelligence and situational awareness services
  • Function as an incident response handler, directing IT and other departments during security incidents, including evidence preservation, corrective action, and preventive actions
  • Work with CISO to develop current Incident Response function of the organisation, assisting the security team during a security incident situation
  • Accept escalations from and act as subject matter expert for security operations, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence teams as items transition to incident response
  • Support research and analysis to provide internally approved and provisioned cyberspace situational awareness capabilities
  • Focus on the technical challenges inherent in integrating new systems, components, facilities, and applications
Who are you?
  • Relevant Lead/Head of experience in 1000+ FTE Enterprise
  • Have a deep understanding and hands-on experience of secure engineering principles
  • Great stakeholder management and influencing skills
  • Remain calm under pressure
Tech Stack

Challenges (required)

#1: Setup GitHub and Jekyll

In order to respond to the challenges in a scalable and collaborative way, we ask candidates to use a Jekyll based website. which will be setup for you.

  1. clone the repo https://github.com/project-cx/pbx-candidate-answers
    • if you are happy for your answers to be publicly available, you can just fork it
    • note that GitHub charges for private repos, but BitBucket doesn’t
  2. set-up dev/test environment (optional, but will help when writing content or modifying the template)
    • if you are running locally, setup Jekyll to run the build (either on your host or using docker).
    • if you are running from GitHub, in your repo settings, set the master brach to host the GitHub pages site
  3. add your answers as an entry to _posts folder (see examples)
  4. push your changes to your repo
  5. send us an email to project-cx@photobox.com with a link to your repo
  6. we will reply with more details and a link to an Slack organisation

Note that depending on your CV and how you rate against other candidates, we will ask you do submit a couple more challenges

Important: Don’t wait until you have all the answers to ping us (step #5). Part of the evaluation is to see how your work evolve and how we collaborate together

#2: Programming Experience

How much programming experience do you have?

  • What languages can you program in?
  • What is your favorite language and why?
  • How do you use those skills in real-work (business) situations
#3: Interesting Research

Describe something technology related that you’ve done recently that is cool and interesting:

  • Why did you do it?
  • What did you learn?
  • Draw a diagram or graph of the workflow (can be a screenshot of a paper based drawing)

Challenges (optional)

#1: Deliver Results Through Teamwork
Describe a time when you had to translate an organisational strategy into concrete deliverables that resulted in positive business outcomes.
Describe a time when your team’s workload was unbalanced. How did you prioritise and delegate the work?
Describe a time where your team was operating independently and more team collaboration was needed. How did you address this and what was the outcome?

Why else should you be interested?

Quite simply, you don’t like standing still. You are passionate about working on different and ambitious projects from Day 1 - otherwise you’d be bored! You thrive on working with people from different nationalities, different cultures and languages. You want to work within a successful and recognised company, but you also want the freedom to bring forward your own solutions and to make your own impact. You want to work somewhere where people really do know each other by name and where they genuinely want to help and challenge each other to learn, be better and more innovative every day. Most importantly, you want to work in a business where spreading joy is the mission and where we all have fun making it happen.

Photobox Group Security mission and principles

Our mission is to secure the magic moments created by our customers, across all our brands. Our operating principles define what we focus on and how we make decisions. We hold ourselves accountable against these principles.

  1. We are enablers for the organisation, not blockers
  2. We drive transparency and accountability in risk management
  3. We minimise vulnerabilities
  4. We hack ourselves first
  5. We educate and empower our internal stakeholders and developers
  6. We contribute to adding financial value

Why join Photobox Group Security?

PhotoBox Group Security is a trusted, high-energy, empowered, and proactive team. If you are looking for a place to make a difference, learn a lot, be part of a highly productive team, and are able to work collaboratively with all parts of the business, this is the place for you.

We have a great culture, with a very horizonal structure. We expect you to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, empowered, friendly, focused, and responsible.

How to apply

In order to provide a fair and objective recruitment process, before we invite you for face-to-face interviews, we ask you to submit your answers to theoretical and practical challenges. This helps us to identify your suitability and experience level.

Each challenge should take no longer than 10 - 15 minutes to complete, however, in order to highlight your key skills, you may take longer than the suggested time if you wish.

Please see below SOME OF THE CHALLENGES we might ask you to do (we customise these based on your experience and CV)

About us

Photobox Group is Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts and parent of the Photobox, Moonpig, Hofmann and posterXXL brands.

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